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It’s ok to be an Introvert!

So recently some peoples’ comments have got to me.

When having conversations with people I have said that I am an introvert, then instantly been told I am not an introvert.

I know these people mean well when they say this. But I am an introvert. And this is a good thing.

Let me breakdown some myths that society tells us about introverts.

  • Introverts are shy.

I can categorically say we are not necessarily shy. I appear very confident and outgoing to the outside world, and in many ways I am. But being shy does not make you an introvert.

  • Introverts are loners.

Again we’re not, we do like some alone time and defiantly more than our extroverted friends. But we do enjoy socialising and spending time with people. Now most introverts are better in small groups or one to one. Large parties can feel very overwhelming, and will drain our energy quickly. We are not party all night kind of people.

I know when I have socialised/networked too much, I literally feel drained and tired, and will often have to have a quiet weekend to prepare myself or the coming week.

  • Introverts don’t like to talk.

We will talk when we have something to say. A lot of us do not like small talk, so will often appear quiet at these times. We are also naturally observers; we take in a lot of information by watching people. We see and know a lot more than people realise.

One other thing I’d really like to highlight about introverts and extroverts.

If we take the difference to the bare bones. Introverts gain energy by spending time on their own and having quiet time. Spending time with people and socialising a lot drains them.

Extroverts, on the other hand, feed of spending time with people and socialising. They often find quiet time difficult. There is no right or wrong in either. We are just different and need to respect the differences, we can learn a lot from each other.

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