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It’s ok to be unsure about your future.

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First of all, let me commend those who know what career they want. With the clear path and planned ahead. This is a great thing; you know what impact you want in the world. But I will forewarn, plans don’t always pan out perfectly. Things change, life can surprise us. I would also say, if you find a career or job you love, do it. And make sure you are challenging yourself. Your comfort zone can be your worst enemy. Growth comes from challenges. We learn from things that go wrong and right. Failure is essential.

Moving on to the majority of us who don’t have a clue what we want to do. And that’s ok. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, and life has thrown curveballs. Through an early marriage, which failed. To a multitude of jobs, where if I am honest I was not happy in. But you do what you can to survive.

It is only now that I feel I am finding purpose and through this joy. That’s not to say I don’t have challenges and down days where I feel like packing it all in. I take each day as a new beginning. I will review what I have learnt from my progress, and make sure I celebrate even the smallest victory. This is important at the early stage of building something purposeful. But don’t forget the small things even when you find success.

To those who do not know what to do, I challenge you to explore your curiosities. If you think something is interesting or you might enjoy, try it. You never know where this curiosity may lead. Choose to find out what others are doing.. There are some truly remarkable people out there who can inspire you. I’d highly recommend checking the following people out:

Dave Cornthwaite who goes on amazing adventures, currently doing Expedition 1000, twenty-five journeys, each one a minimum of 1000 miles, using a different form of non-motorised transport. And founded Say Yes More, which is now a community of amazing people who have The aim: to make a culture of happy, kind, yes-people normal. To help foster dreams of living and working based around passions and hobbies. To make sure we all use our time as well as possible. To take on fear and turn it into potential.

Danny Bent the happiest person I have ever met and gives the best hugs. Danny Bent was voted one of the 100 happiest people in the UK, and one of the 50 most inspirational people in London. He is an award winning author and journalist, Guinness World Record holder and celebrated adventurer and community leader.

Danny also founded Project Awesome. If you are London based I highly recommend you check them you. It’s FREE and you finish the session with the most amazing high.

Escape the City, another brilliant community to be part of. Whether you are looking for more meaningful work or are curious about the entrepreneurial journey, this community is the one for you. I was fortunate to do the Start-up Tribe back in 2015 in which I learnt so much and now have a wonderful community who are always willing to give advice and support when you need it.

For the ladies who feel they need a community of supportive women who understand your challenges, I recommend the following communities:

Noi Club. Founded by the wonderful Paola, who is such an inspiration. She supports the group and makes you feel so welcome. This group has events, where you can meet women doing fantastic things and discuss some of the challenges we find in life.

Last but not least ToGetHer FURTHER: This is another community I highly recommend joining. Another group of women doing amazing things. They are a collaborative community for women to share openly & honestly and support each other to get further at work. You can find out more about the group’s founder, Siobhan Kagataran here.

I’d love to hear about the communities and people who support and inspire you.

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