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Perfection is an illusion

LET IT GO! Perfection is not real. Do not believe the lie. You are perfect as you are yes, but those scars, the hurt, the disappointments. They make you who you are. Nothing ever runs smoothly, there are bumps in the road. Do not believe what you are fed through the media. They’re setting unrealistic goals. And do you really want to be a carbon copy of what’s out there? 

Your experiences, your leanings, your scars make you unique. And that is your selling point! There is only one you. Even if someone looks like you, they are not you. They have not been through your experiences. 

Do not wait to be perfect. For the perfect time. Do things with bravery and a little uncertainty. It makes life interesting. It makes your story interesting. 

Go try something new, or go back to something you let go of, and knew you shouldn’t have. Just do it! Let fear come with you. Those voices are there for a reason but listen carefully. Most of the time, it will be speaking an irrational fear, creating a picture that will not happen. Sometimes there is truth in the fear, recognise it, what can you do to reduce the risk. 

When you take chances, amazing things happen. The more you do something the easier it gets and the less scary it is. Amazingly this is true with most experiences in life.

Be prepared for the bumps, the mistakes, the chances missed. They happen for a reason.

Live in the moment. The past has happened, what can you learn from it? The future has not come, don’t waste time imagining the world you want, and doing nothing to create it. Live here and now, what can you do today that will create the future you know is possible?

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