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Today I made a commitment to myself

On my journey to the office on the 28th April 2017, I wrote a note to myself. That evening I met up with a friend, she encouraged me to share it........So here it is:

So I'm sat here on the train, thinking how happy I feel right now. How I love myself and feel great in my body.

I am no longer comparing myself to other and how they look. I am looking after my body, regularly exercising and having the right food (I'm not perfect and have bad days, however, I do my best not to let a bad day become a bad week.)

I've also reflected on how I felt when I was with my ex husband. How his words cut right through me. How unhappy he made me feel, how he took my confidence away from me (you could argue that I allowed him to influence me) but at the time I loved him and would do anything to make him happy, including giving up everything that gave me joy. During that time I became very depressed.

Since the end of the marriage I have learned to not compromise on what makes you happy for anyone. If that person in your life cannot love you for who you are, and won't lift you up to be the best you can be, they're not worth your time and energy. Now I know that some people reading this will not agree, and thats ok. I'm speaking from my experience and how I feel people should treat themselves with care and love.

Today I am making a commitment to myself. To continue loving ad challenging myself. And to never give up my identity for anyone!

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