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Why I see myself as a Feminist

I need to make a public apology to all the wonderful people who went on the women’s march on Saturday, 21st January 2017. I didn’t go.  I had every intention to go, I even got to the station to go to London. But my anxiety got the better of me, the thought of going to a large event with thousands of people, on my own, terrified me. I know there were a few people I know going, but finding them would have been like finding a needle in a haystack. Yes, I could have prepared better and arrange to meet the people I know before getting there. But if I’m honest I thought I’d be ok, but wasn’t. I will also say for the introvert in me, I got a better offer, spending some one on one time with my brother. So I took that option. 
I was with you all in spirit and was wonderful seeing all the amazing posts from friends and celebrities. 

So moving on to what feminism is to me. I see myself as a feminist. For me, it’s about standing up for women’s rights, equality, and speak up to the people who objectify women.

My feminism isn’t about hating men, what a waste of time and energy that is. I have many wonderful men in my life who respect women, understand that much of society is stacked against women and see the positive impact equality has. This is just as much about men’s rights as it is about women’s rights. 
Yes, I recognise that we have made great steps toward equality. And I applaud that leap forward we have made. But I also see a lot of changes that still needs to be made for women to have equal chances in the world. 

Perhaps the people that are unable to see why women feel the need to still stand up for greater equality should take a step back and ask why women feel the need to protest. Perhaps it might to a good idea to actually talk and listen to what women are saying, I constantly hear similar stories from women. And I will be honest I used to not understand until I started to experience similar problems, then I have stood back and noticed these issues more and more.

I do not profess to have all the answers. Perhaps we should take a step back from our preconceived ideas, and listen. Try to stop and think “If this happened to me how would I feel’, a little empathy can go a long way to bring people together.

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